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Overview of service
Simian is developing a new way of learning in an e-portfolio online. This is in short module formats as an introduction to scaffolding and assisting in inspection of structures as a minimum.

Modules will include:

  • Statutory Requirements & Codes of Practice International Standards (British, European, US & Local)
  • International Best Practice & Industry Standards (NASC)
  • Overview of Fall prevention in Scaffolding
  • Advanced Component Information
  • Review of Basic Structures
  • Scaffold Design Overview & Interpreting Drawings

The e-learning will be in English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Spanish and Korean to begin with and more languages will be available as we grow.

We aim to appeal to large remote sites who need training and inductions in scaffolding but struggle with visas to move their men around the world. Also to inspectors and management who are querying scaffold integrity whereas they can undertake the module, download the handout and challenge the structure.

This feature will be an online payment where when you pass you can download your certificate and invoice if required.

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