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Is your
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Fall Prevention (1/2 day)

Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations


Half day


This scaffold training is designed for all scaffolding supervisors and managers. The course is eligible for CITB Training Grant Aid to those within scope.


Delegates on this scaffolding safety course will learn theoretical knowledge on how to inspect harnesses and work methods to be used in the safe use of safety harnesses whilst erecting, altering and dismantling scaffolding.

Course itinerary:

  • Introduction
  • Background to the requirement to use safety harnesses
  • SG4 safe systems of work
  • Collective protection
  • The safe zone
  • Relevant regulations and HSE advice
  • How to inspect and wear a full body safety harness, lanyard and scaffold hook
  • Review of NASC SG4:15
  • HSE and client enforcement of use of safety harnesses
  • Practical inspection, where possible, and wearing of safety harness
  • Question session
  • Theory test paper.


A certificate of scaffolding training will be issued to all those who complete the course to a satisfactory standard.

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